Our History

Indústria e Comércio de Rações Golfinho LTDA is a family-owned company founded by José Salvador Pedroza in the city of Sobral, specializing in the processing of cottonseed since 1989. The company had its origin in a small enterprise only with the manufacture of cotton cake. The dizzying evolution of the world, technology and the entrepreneurial vision of the family were determining factors in the expansion of the company, which currently also refines the vegetable oil that is sold to the manufacturers of hydrogenated fats, margarines and biodiesel. Thus all the extracted crude oil that was previously stored and sold, now goes through the refining and bleaching stages in the plant itself.

In 2013 the company took a new step, expanding the processing of the cotton seed by adding the de-inking process to the flowchart of production. 

In this way the core is received and delineated, improving the quality of the seed and generating a by-product to be commercialized: the linter. Product that had been exported to countries such as USA, Spain and Japan, which makes the company one of the exporters in the state of Ceará and one of the five largest cotton stone processors in the country.

Atualmente a empresa processa mais de 90.000 toneladas de caroço de algodão anualmente. Desde a seleção da matéria prima, até o processo final de fabricação e distribuição, a empresa utiliza um rigoroso padrão de controle de qualidade de suas mercadorias, monitorando cada etapa do processo.

What we do

Rações Golfinho is located 235 km from Fortaleza, in the city of Sobral. The company was founded by the entrepreneur José Salvador Pedroza, with the vision of investing in the animal feed manufacturing area, taking as raw material the cotton core, originating cotton cake, vegetable oil and linter.

Our products:


Cotton Pie

The cotton cake, produced from the crushing of the cotton seed in natura, can be used to feed cattle, sheep and goats. Due to its high protein value, it provides a balanced feed, with high productivity for your herd.

Cotton Oil

Cotton oil is a semi-refined vegetable oil derived from cottonseed pressing. It is rich in vitamins D and E, currently sold to manufacturers of hydrogenated fats, margarines and biodiesel.


Cotton Linter

Short fibers that are encased in the kernel of cottonseed, obtained through the de-inking process. The linter can be used in the manufacture of paper money, canvas paintings, among others.

Nossa matéria-prima é adquirida principalmente de grandes produtores de algodão localizados nos estados da Bahia, Mato Grosso e Maranhão. A produção atende todo o Estado do Ceará, parte do Piauí e Rio Grande do Norte.

The company owns a modern laboratory, with equipment of last generation for constant analysis of the products that take to the brand Golfinho. 

The company also has an online monitoring system that allows full-time monitoring of all productive sectors of the company.


Develop, produce and distribute products with guaranteed excellence, always valuing our customers and employees and always believing in the work.


To be a leading company in the sector of sales and manufacturing of products derived from agribusiness, focusing on value creation, sustainability and investments in technology.


are in continuous progress;
optimism, creativity to use with intelligence the resources that we have;
leadership and justice;
Focus on results;
Integrity along all realms
Our challenge is to gather together to grow with responsibility
honesty and transparency;
organization + ethics = excellence.