Cotton Pie

The cotton cake, produced from the crushing of the cotton seed in natura, can be used to feed cattle, sheep and goats. Due to its high protein value, it provides a balanced feed, with high productivity for your herd.

Cotton Oil

O óleo de algodão é um óleo vegetal derivado da prensagem da semente do algodão. It is rich in vitamins D and E, currently sold to manufacturers of hydrogenated fats, margarines and biodiesel.



Cotton Linter

Short fibers that are encased in the kernel of cottonseed, obtained through the de-inking process. The linter can be used in the manufacture of paper money, canvas paintings, among others.


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Indústria e Comércio de Rações Golfinho LTDA is a family business founded by José Salvador Pedroza in the city of Sobral, specialized in the processing of cottonseed since 1989.


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